Keynote: Real Estate is a Marathon!

20 Sep

Keynote: Real Estate is a Marathon!

Keynote: Real Estate is a Marathon!

Thursday, September 20, 2018


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National Speaker, Matt Jones

This talk offers the following benefits for those involved in Real Estate:

Reigniting your Passion and Purpose as a REALTOR®
How to Stop Stress before it Stops You
Developing Bulldog Persistence
How to Operate at a greater level of Excellence
Thriving in the midst of Adversity, Setbacks, and Failures to achieve greater Victory

About the Speaker:

Matt Jones, went from being a three-time cancer conqueror, to relearning how to walk, to surviving a bone marrow transplant, to completing
seven marathons on seven continents and yes that includes Antarctica! Matt was diagnosed with cancer on September 11, 2002. After spreading
to the fluid in his brain doctors did not think he would live. At one point, Matt would slip into an unconscious state. Doctors did not think
he would live. Against all he recovered but due to complications in his brain he had to relearn how to walk. From the first step, he took after
relearning how to walk, Matt visualized completing a marathon. His first marathon was the San Diego Rock N’ Roll. Followed by completing
marathons in Rome, Tokyo, Perth, Cape Town, Antarctica, and Chile. Hall of Fame baseball player and World Series Champion,
 George Brett said, “Matt is a true champion and his story inspires others to be a true champion.” 
Matt Jones is the founder of the R.E.A.L. Leadership Academy and was a PhD Candidate in Organizational Leadership. He is also the author
of over ten books, including his newest one, “Happiness is a Marathon: 26.2 Ways to Stay Happy at Work and in Life. Matt uses his story 
of overcoming insurmountable odds to motivate audiences to achieve greater victory during these times of change and uncertainty.

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